Who To Hire And When?

Tim Debone article Who To Hire When

While there are no hard and fast rules, below is a guide on the recommended hiring plan for high-growth start-ups. The order is designed for a standard B2B tech company, but the order may changebased on your business. Companies with large invoice volumes or complex payrolls may need moreaccounting help early, or companies in the…

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Tim DeBone on Adding Value Through Financial and Business Planning

Tim Debone Bagchi Law Financial Planning

Tim DeBone, the President of Bagchi Group, is an analyst and strategist who has used his career to help businesses understand and develop their financial solutions. He has guided companies ranging from multinational corporations to nascent startups, earning himself a reputation as a skilled and trusted source for business planning. Tim was recently interviewed about…

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Coaching the Next Generation of Leaders: Ravila on Podcast

Podcast with Bagchi Group's Ravila Gupta

Ravila Gupta recently joined Donald Thompson’s podcast, High Octane Leadership, to discuss leadership lessons learned in her career. As a successful executive coach, it was an honor to be featured in this episode to provide actionable advice for professionals seeking to evolve their careers.   This podcast episode, “Coaching the Next Generation of Leaders,” also featured…

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Finding the Right Bank for Your Technology or Innovation Business


Recently, several US-based banks heavily focused on serving the technology and innovation sectors have been in the news due to closures and asset seizures. We are aware that many of the clients we assist keep their deposit accounts with these banks. In response to the recent issues at these banks, the US government has taken…

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Bagchi Group Attends The NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony On Behalf of Ascend

Bagchi Group at NASDAQ

Ascend is the largest Pan-Asian business professional membership organization in North America. Its mission is to drive workplace and societal impact by developing and elevating all Asian and Pacific Islander (API) business leaders and empowering them to become catalysts for change. The Ascend organization offers impactful career lifecycle and cross-industry leadership programs and networks that…

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Ravila Gupta’s Multifaceted Approach to Corporate Boards

Executive Board Coaching Bagchi Group

Ravila Gupta, the CEO of Bagchi Group was recently interviewed by CoolBrands about analyzing situations through different lenses. Read on to review some highlights from her interview and learn how Ravila would bring perspective to your corporate board! Ravila is a strategist at the intersection of executive leadership, engineering, law, and executive coaching. She is…

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Why Choose Bagchi Group For Business Consulting?

Bagchi Group Consulting Services for Business

We view ourselves as partners in our clients’ success, and through Bagchi Group we are able to provide business strategy, financial services, and board and executive coaching support. We understand that your business and industry are multi-dimensional and require a coordinated solution. Our team of highly reputable professionals collaborates across disciplines to carefully research each…

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The Role of a CFO and What a CFO Needs to Excel in a Crisis

Financial Services from Bagchi Group

A crisis comes in all forms. Some are company-specific, while others are industry-specific. They can also be specific to geographical location or global. Regardless of the type of crisis, the Chief Financial Officer or CFO plays an important role, if not the most crucial role during these times.  The Role of a CFO  The CFO’s…

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