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Tim Debone with Bagchi Group


President Strategic Finance

Tim’s career in finance began with his BSBA and five years in financial analysis and management reporting. After earning his MBA, he moved to the Bay Area to work in financial planning and analysis at major tech companies Intel and NetSuite. Since returning to North Carolina, Tim has worked on projects including budget/forecasting, ERP implementations, cash forecasting and controls, sales operations, venture financing, and professional service capacity modeling in finance, sales and management consulting roles.

  • BS in Business Administration, University of North Carolina
  • MBA with a concentration in Finance, University of North Carolina

As the President of Bagchi Group, Tim harnesses his aptitude for problem-solving to spearhead our Financial Services division, working collaboratively with our clients to understand their companies, create strategies and solutions, and analyze results. With a wealth of knowledge in the world of business, Tim has successfully guided both established corporations and emerging startups to achieve their goals. Outside of work, you can find Tim on the golf course, in a book, or cheering on the Heels.

<h3><a href="https://bagchigroup.com/team#Casey" style="color:#fff">CASEY<br> <strong> BAGCHI</strong></a></h3>


Chief Operating Officer

Casey enjoys devising business strategies to grow Bagchi Group and Bagchi Law and improve customer service. She's at her best when she can connect the pieces and find areas of opportunity. When Neil needed her to help him manage Bagchi's internal activities, it seemed like a natural fit. Casey began creating systems to increase the firm's efficiencies and ultimately save their clients money.

  • Bachelors of Arts in Public Policy Analysis, University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill
  • Burch Field Research Honors Seminar
  • AmeriCorps T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Corps

Casey's role is essential to the operations of Bagchi Group and Bagchi Law. She reviews data and develops solutions to help the team support its clients. Casey is continually thinking about the organization's long-term strategy, as she's involved in every area of operations; finance, human resources, and IT.

Casey enjoys kicking back with her husband and daughter during the downtime. Her ideal afternoon is spent outdoors taking a hike or reading a book.

<h3><a href="https://bagchigroup.com/team#Neil" style="color:#fff">NEIL<br> <strong> BAGCHI</strong></a></h3>


Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Neil founded Bagchi Law 15 years ago after recognizing how big law firms do business is inefficient. He wanted to shift the focus from the bottom line to customer service. Neil was inspired to offer sophisticated, global, and legal expertise related to commercial transactions. He wanted to ensure these services were available to entrepreneurs, early-stage and mid-sized companies.

However, Neil didn’t always want to practice law. He’d hoped to join law enforcement after university, but he became fascinated with how businesses work in the process. For nearly five years, Neil served as an attorney for notable firms. He realized there was a better way to serve clients without the excessive overhead of a large law firm. Neil knew clients could get the same value in a boutique law firm and provide a higher touch. It wasn’t long before he founded Bagchi Law, which delivers value through client-centric care and solutions. Also, the firm’s ethos includes giving back to the community by doing pro bono work for entrepreneurs and nonprofits. 

Neil noticed that clients need more than legal advice. They required a 360° solution. A solution that includes business strategy, financial matters, and other functions that legal counsel may not address. Neil set out to bring on new team members with these skills and build an all-in-one solution provider. In 2020, he formed the Bagchi Group. As the founder of Bagchi Law and Bagchi Group, Neil is renowned for delivering responsive, collaborative, and innovative solutions that challenge the default.

  • JD Law, University of North Carolina School of Law
  • Bachelor of Political Science/History, University of North Carolina
  • Morehead-Cain Scholarship

Neil enjoys being active. He even had the opportunity to play semi-pro rugby for two years immediately after completing his bachelor’s degree. But with his rugby days now behind him, Neil loves to pair outdoor activities with quality family time with his wife and daughter.

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