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Tim DeBone on Adding Value Through Financial and Business Planning

Tim DeBone, the President of Bagchi Group, is an analyst and strategist who has used his career to help businesses understand and develop their financial solutions. He has guided companies ranging from multinational corporations to nascent startups, earning himself a reputation as a skilled and trusted source for business planning. Tim was recently interviewed about his role at Bagchi Group. Read on to learn more about what Tim could bring to you and your company.

What exactly does your work in financial and business planning look like?

I specialize in financial services practice, specifically strategic CFO work. That is, I help companies understand what and how they are doing operationally across the board, with a particular focus on their earning and spending. Under the umbrella of how they are doing operationally includes how they are collecting funds and conducting payroll, and paying vendors. I help them understand where they may have risk and how we can create comprehensive solutions to mitigate that risk. Because I often focus on early stage and growth tech companies, we seek answers to all these questions as they relate to how their business functions presently, and then we create strategic plans for how to scale and how to approach issues as they grow.

The other side of my work is financial and leadership development. I help companies to improve their budgeting and forecasting processes and understand how they create bulletproof long-range plans. They need to understand how their budgeting and forecasting ties in with their overall business strategy. We do this together by identifying if they are reporting, evaluating the right metrics, and creating strategies based on those evaluations. Moreover, we help find, identify, and hire key members of the finance, recruiting, and HR teams to create a cohesive team that will grow alongside the company.

I also work with later-stage companies that require a more mature financial strategy, focusing on improving their financial systems and processes to sustain growth. My approach evolves as the company’s needs change, and I continue to guide strategic financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting to help them achieve their long-term goals. As companies expand, I assist in identifying and hiring critical financial personnel to create a cohesive team that supports the company’s continued growth.

What does this mean for your clients?

It means that we can add significant value in the early stages of startups, giving them a solid foundation and calculated long-term strategies that evolve as the company does. We help to tie their goals and plans back to their financial metrics and project management office. We help these startup clients think through every potential scenario, giving them security as they plan to grow. As time passes, we measure how they are achieving against our initial projections, adjusting our solutions to best suit their goals and keep up with the market. 

Can you tell us about your involvement in venture and M&A deals?

I assist with venture capital and M&A transactions, working alongside Bagchi Law to provide a comprehensive approach. I analyze financial statements and projections to determine the target company’s financial health and growth potential. Based on this analysis, I offer guidance on valuation, deal structure, and financing options. I aim to give clients the financial and strategic insights they need to make informed decisions and achieve their goals in these transactions.

Beyond financial planning, what is your approach to executive coaching?

I provide coaching and guidance in two realms. The first is in risk management and strategic finance. There is a great deal of guiding here, but also a whole lot of doing. With risk management and strategic finance, I am actively coaching and building the scaffolding of a business. This is what a lot of our work together looks like in the early stages. The second realm is operational leadership, where I’m slightly more hands-off. This looks like lots of analyzing and evaluating, guiding teams to make the right decisions for their goals. There is an art to knowing when the time is right to do the work versus when the time is right to step back and give our clients the tools to do it themselves.

Tim’s holistic approach to business solutions, from finance and planning to leadership and operations, makes him an asset to any team looking to grow. Contact us today to learn more about where Tim and our group could take your business.


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